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Web Art Inc is proud to tie-up with the major companies in Kuwait for bulk SMSing. With our partner's innovative solutions for sending group SMS via different gateway networks, and Text / MS Excel Plug-in software, we can provide our customers with personalized bulk SMS to your entire group at a single click.

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We are pleased to present you with one of our widely used Software / Bulk Text Messaging program which can broadcast bulk or individual short messages within seconds to all National and International mobile networks. This software is been widely used by Jewelleries, Restaurants,  Retail Chains, Wholesalers, Educational Institutions, Financial Service Companies, Event Organizers, Medical Institutions, Placement Services, Clubs, Communities, etc., etc. This software allows composing and forwarding alerts, promotional campaigns, business information, attendee info and any other personalized SMS. This software is available for operation 24/7 online on a secured and dedicated server.

Specialties :

  • Unique Sender ID can be created for your identity / brand name
  • English Text can SMS maximum 160 Characters & Arabic Text can SMS maximum 70 Characters per SMS
  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • We have huge database of mobile Nos. (consisting of people in Kuwait - Kuwait Area Wise, Nationality Wise, Indian State Wise, etc. etc.). Also if you have any Mobile Nos., we can SMS there too.
  • We can arrange mobile Nos. databases (outside Kuwait too), as per the client requirement.
  • No technical knowledge needed to operate
  • SMS credit can be added anytime of need
  • No downloads and installation
  • Available 24/7 replica watches online
  • Secured and dedicated server
  • Faster and reliable gateway
  • Username and password provided
  • Complete privacy and secrecy
  • 10,000 to 20,000 messages can SMS at a time to unlimited mobile Nos., depends upon your internet connection
  • Load your contact numbers manually or from text file
  • Schedule the broadcasts as per your requirement/timings (Scheduler can send SMS while you are not in office)
  • Complete online reporting system
  • SMS can send using Excel / Notepad file
  • SMS Credits are valid for one year

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Benefits :

  • Easy, economical and fastest way to pass on your information
  • Increases your PR activities
  • As it is web based, you could operate it from anywhere at anytime
  • Complete online reporting system with the history, status etc. of the broadcast

  • IVR Solutions (Bulk voice message to land phone or mobile)

    A pre-recorded voice can keep in our server. Our Auto dialler application will dial to the land phone numbers and mobile numbers stored in the database. While the recipient is picking the call can hear this voice. We can keep a repeating mode of dialling attempt, if the recipient doesn't pick up the call in first time. Recorded voice message can be of maximum 30 seconds.

    Also we can provide long code numbers that can attach with client database to give reply back as SMS on the basis of queries sending as SMS.

    Eg : In a passport office after applying for passport if you are sending SMS with the passport number, you will get status of the application as a reply SMS within 1 seconds. This can be integrated not only for Passport Office, for your any kind of business.

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